Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

“We are on the search for new skills - we are rolling out new functionality in Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Insurance and Finance in all of the nineteen countries that we’re in. Digital Skills Academy will help significantly to fill those digital skills gaps.”Fanie Van Heerden, Head of IT Solutions, Architecture and Design at Standard Bank.

Address the Digital Skills Gap in your Organisation

Digital Skills Academy is an established, innovative leader in digital technology education for working professionals. Digital Skills Academy has a proven track record in rapid transformational skills development for our Corporate Client's workforce. We offer the world’s leading online International BSc Degree programmes in digital skills which develop tech-savvy business professionals and business-savvy tech talent. Our degree programmes are taken part-time by working professionals over a one year period, in flexible online delivery modes.

Digital Skills Academy programmes require significant industry engagement as participants are required to work on industry-assigned projects. This is key to producing industry-ready graduates. Digital Skills Academy builds relationships with leading industry partners in key cities around the world who provide these industry projects. It is through these two relationships, that of Corporate Client and Industry Partner, that we address your organisation's digital skills gap.

Industry Partners

The opportunity for participants to work on industry assigned projects is key to producing industry optimised talent who graduate from our programmes. Digital Skills Academy seeks Industry Partners who can provide projects for international participant teams to address as part of their learning experience.  These can be complex websites, mobile apps, bespoke digital services, or other development initiatives that help the Industry Partner to further their own innovation objectives. 

This is a unique aspect of the Digital Skills Academy degree programmes, where industry participates in the provision of transformative educational experiences and benefits by having digital-innovation projects addressed in a quality and IPR-controlled environment.

Key Features

  • All projects are undertaken by a cross-functional team, typically including project managers, application developers, product managers/digital marketeers, UX (User Experience) Designers.
  • All IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) in the project belongs to the Industry Partner
  • All projects covered by NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

Industry Experts

Project development teams are mentored and guided by our team of digital-industry experts


Our Industry Partners are provided with cross-functional project teams of participants from our Degree programmes. This allows our partners to identify and recruit digital talent within these project teams and have innovative digital products and services developed by these teams. It also offers opportunities to publicise their support of our strategic initiative to help close, and keep closed, the digital skills gap in their market. 

Digital Skills Academy does not charge a fee for participation in our Industry Partner Programme. This allows the Industry Partner to innovate outside of existing corporate approval structures and budget-lines. We work closely with our Industry Partners to maximise the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) / CSI (Corporate Social Investment) gains made through publicising their partnership and support for a major digital skills development initiative.

We form long-term business relationships with our Industry Partners. This allows our partners to contribute to the development of their digital-innovation pipeline over the longer term.

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Typical projects include:

Corporate Clients

Digital technology is transforming relationships between customers and suppliers, and the operational processes within organisations. For organisations to remain competitive and relevant, and thus continue to grow, they need to exploit the very latest digital technologies and best practices to optimise customer experience, supplier management and operational efficiency.

Both contexts are heavily reliant on the availability of industry-optimised, transformative digital talent. But the fundamental challenge is that there is a global digital skills gap. It is in this context that we offer our internationally recognised BSc Degrees in digital technology and digital business to Corporate Clients looking to upskill their talent pool and transform their organisation. This enables them to unlock productivity gains and achieve a significant competitive advantage through the upskilling of team members with high-value digital skills.

International BSc Degrees in Digital Skills

We offer the world’s leading online BSc Degree programmes in digital skills. Our programmes develop tech-savvy business professionals and business-savvy tech professionals, skillsets highly relevant and sought after in organisations looking to achieve business growth through successful digital transformation.

For working professionals, our one-year, part-time and online degrees are internationally recognised, taught by respected industry leaders and innovators, and pioneer the latest developments in online learning and virtual team-working technologies. We offer both an Honours and Ordinary degree to our Corporate Clients across the globe. 

Every participant has the opportunity to take a number of innovative shared modules. On successful application, each of our participants will also be offered a place on one of our three streams. 


Shared Modules

Shared Modules

  • Industry and Entrepreneur Projects
  • Digital Industries, Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation
  • UX (User Experience) & Responsive Design
  • Computational Thinking (Problem Solving Science)
Digital Technology Coders Stream

Digital Technology Coders Stream

  • Front-end Development for Web & Mobile
  • Mobile Development
  • Model View Controller (MVC) Application Frameworks
Digital Business Stream

Digital Business Stream

  • Agile Methodologies & Technical Project Management
  • Digital Product Management
  • Data Insights & Growth Hacking
  • Leadership & Management
Digital Designers & Developers Stream

Digital Designers & Developers Stream

  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • HTML5 Design Technologies
  • Applied Design Technologies


Shared Modules

Shared Modules

  • International Team Industry Partner Project
  • Digital Industries & Career Development
  • Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation
  • UX & Concept Design
Coding and Technology Stream

Coding and Technology Stream

  • Web & Device Programming
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Server Side Web Development
Digital Business Stream

Digital Business Stream

  • Agile Project Management
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Management
  • Business Analysis for Digital
  • Technical Project Management
  • Skills for Global Digital Marketing & Sales
Digital Design Stream

Digital Design Stream

  • Web Graphics Design & Production
  • Front-end Web Development
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Management

Benefits to Corporate Clients

We produce graduates with skills and extensive experience of working in international cross-functional virtual teams (coders, managers, marketers, sales professionals and designers, skilled in working together).

Our programmes teach the latest relevant technologies and tools, and our graduates are equipped to develop and deliver quality ‘digital customer experiences’.

We provide technical digital skills training and digital business training combined with international project skills to produce industry-optimised talent from whom our Corporate Clients gain competitive advantage.

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Programme Outcomes

We develop ‘industry-optimised’ talent for digital technology and digital business roles in all sectors requiring a workforce with high-level digital skills, including Financial Services, Telecoms, Media and ICT/Technology.

Our Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees are awarded through our partner accrediting body, European University Association member, Dublin Institute of Technology.  Dublin Institute of Technology is ranked in the top 100 universities globally under 50 years old. 

We produce industry-optimised talent with key soft skills, gained through extensive team-based practical experience working on industry-assigned projects with businesses and organisations.