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Five Ways to Get Digital Marketing Results With a Limited Budget

The goals are set for your digital marketing campaign but you have a limited budget to achieve them. This scenario will sound familiar to many start-ups, SME marketers and digital entrepreneurs. The solution is to think on your feet and use digital marketing tools and techniques that won’t break the bank. In this post, I will explore five free and low-cost methods that can help marketers get digital marketing results with a limited a budget. Let’s get started.

SEO Book Rank Checker

While the days of digital marketers obsessing over keyword rankings are over, there is still a need to monitor keyword performance and benchmark rankings against competitors. The SEO Book Rank Checker tool is a free Mozilla keyword rankings checker that allows you to monitor any keyword in a variety of search engines. The tool is free and can be used as part of campaign research or reporting.

If you haven’t heard of let me give you the tour. is a platform where global talents offer their services for, you guessed it, $5 per order. The type of services on offer include graphic design, video, animation and business services. The design services are especially useful if you need a design for a white paper or e-book.


Animoto is an easy to use video-editing and creation platform. It is intuitive and user-friendly and allows you to upload photos, videos and soundtracks to create a short video for your website or YouTube Channel. If you’re creative you can produce engaging video content for your digital marketing campaigns. Animoto’s monthly subscription starts from $9.99 per month.

Google Analytics

The free version of Google Analytics offers a range of features that can help digital marketing with campaign optimisation.  From Campaign Experiments to Segments, Google Analytics provides valuable data and insight into a digital marketing campaign’s performance.

Facebook Ads

With a budget of €20 and using promoted posts, you can reach an audience of up to 2,000 Facebook users. As long as you have done your research and have defined personas, this investment can yield significant results for your digital marketing campaign while using a very limited budget.

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