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Graduate Kevin Faulkner  Interview: Team Working Through Industry Partner Projects

Graduate Kevin Faulkner Interview: Team Working Through Industry Partner Projects

Kevin Faulkner is the Digital Marketing Manager for Celtrino @celtrino and a graduate of Digital Skills Academy’s BSc in Digital Technology and Design. 

What did you learn from the course?

I enjoyed learning the different styles of project management. As a result, I now automatically organise my work and manage my time more efficiently. I was also interested in understanding user experience and design, as I knew that in my future digital marketing efforts I would be using content management systems to manage company websites. It was really interesting to understand how website information architecture and layout can increase engagement and conversion rates. Working on the live Industry Project allowed me to test my digital marketing skills by planning and implementing digital marketing strategies across multiple channels. 

What are the pros and cons of taking the course online?

Taking the course online allowed me to work and communicate remotely with my team members. We used online communication and collaboration tools like email, Google Hangouts and Trello to stay on top of our project work. One of the great things I liked about the course was the way the content was provided. It’s great how you can go at your own pace and fit it into your daily routine or at weekends. I found it to be an excellent learning platform and I would highly recommend this type of learning to everyone (it beats taking notes in a classroom environment!)

What were the advantages of working with on real world project for an entrepreneur?

I was lucky to have an excellent industry partner in Cathy Moore. She is a vastly experienced media professional and lecturer. I found her insights into PR and how to present material hugely beneficial for my own personal development, and it helped me understand how the media works. She was a great mentor to work with, and had a clear and concise vision of what she wanted from her branding and her website. Her enthusiasm was addictive and her attention to detail was impeccable.

What skills did you learn from working with on the project?

I learned how to communicate in a professional environment. My attention to detail also went up a level due to the fact I was working on a live project. Communicating regularly with Cathy was crucial to getting the project over the line and the goal of wanting to have a finished project for our final presentation offered no time for procrastination.

What benefits did you get out of working in a cross-functional team?

Working within a cross-functional team meant that we knew our team had the skills to deliver our project on time. Our diverse backgrounds and skillsets offered lots of different perspectives when it came to sit down and plan or brainstorm ideas. I think we all learned a little something from each other throughout the project. 

What type of project did you develop when on the course?

We developed a website called Cathy had some challenging requirements including video production for the homepage on desktop and mobile. She also had a clear concept for her brand logo which we had to research and design for her. We worked on everything from branding to colour palettes for the website icons and testimonials. It was a lot of work but really fulfilling to see the finished product. 


What was your speciality?

My background is in Digital Marketing, but for this project I got to be a part of most of the website requirements. I was responsible for shooting and editing the promotional video for Cathy Moore Connects, which we shot in one day in DCU Glasnevin. I also planned and implemented the digital marketing strategy for Cathy, before passing it over to her. I took the management and marketers stream, from which I learned how all the elements of Digital Business come together to form a bigger picture and a roadmap and to formulate and communicate the value proposition of a business.

What were your goals when you started the course and did you achieve them?

Learning to function as part of a cross-functional team was vital to me and a key learning goal, which I achieved.

What are you doing now and how did the Digital Skills Academy help you to get there?

I am currently Digital Marketing Manager for a company called Celtrino. We provide electronic supply chain services & solutions. We are currently putting the final touches to our new website and a new Digital strategy, to help push us on to the next level. Being part of the BSc in Digital Technology and Design makes it feel like you are actually performing day-to-day tasks, as you would as part of a company, particularly in the Industry Partner stage of the programme. This learning experience will be invaluable to my career in the years ahead.

Anything you'd have done differently?

I gave 100% to my time spent learning with the Digital Skills Academy and I am very happy with the outcome. I met some great people, from whom I gathered some valuable tips and insights. A big thanks to Damien Downes, a great guy, presenter and mentor during my time at Digital Skills Academy.

And anything you'd like to add / we should have asked you?

I would just like to offer advice to anyone taking the course. Stick with it till the end as it is well worth it. Stay on top of the course work so as not to create a backlog. Be aware from the outset to put extra effort into any deliverables for the course (e.g. assessments and presentations) these portfolio pieces can make a huge difference between you or another candidate making the cut. Most of all, enjoy it!

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