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Graduate Feedback: Anna Lonergan, Product Owner at Aviva

Graduate Feedback: Anna Lonergan, Product Owner at Aviva

Anna Lonergan, Product Owner at Aviva Ireland, completed a Digital Skills Academy International BSc Honours Degree in Digital Skills in October of last year. Commenting on the Degree, Anna Lonergan said:

“My role at Aviva involves a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and working closely with our software developers to ensure that the customers’ digital experience is continually enhanced through our incremental improvements and feedback loop. I was searching for a course that would help me to further develop my skills in this area and the Honours Degree ticked all of the boxes – it’s modules and teaching methods were aligned with exactly the type of skills my employer and I wanted to develop further, especially in relation to Agile product development. Since I’ve completed the degree, I have a much more rounded view of my role in end-to-end digital technology projects and how to increase early benefit realisation for both my employer and our customers.”

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