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Developing Your Coding and Digital Design Career: Participant Darren Hill

Developing Your Coding and Digital Design Career: Participant Darren Hill

Darren Hill is the founder & CEO at Inzite - "The Professional Advice Marketplace". He is an avid entrepreneur, having had 14 years previous experience running global technology teams and as a front office Technologist and Strategist at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs

Digital Skills Academy participant Darren Hill describes how the programme is helping to advance his career and business.

My name is Darren Hill and I live in­ ­­ Monmouth in South Wales (United Kingdom). I’m a self-employed web designer, developer.

The flexible online programme is really good for me because it enables me to work anytime or in my own free time. In my past experience I haven’t really worked in a sort of large scale organisation or with any large teams. You know this have given me that experience to actually work as part of a team. I think the main benefit is really getting a wide experience from all the different kind of people that you work with. You get to learn a bit about how they approach, perhaps the way that they work and also it makes you aware that you have to be flexible as well.

Certainly for me the way the programme is delivered online is suitable, and it’s really easy for me to get the work done.

I think the skills I’m using will help me to develop my career in this particular field, coding and digital design. For somebody who wants to join I’d probably say don’t hesitate. I think it’s a great idea, great opportunity. I’ve enjoyed the process. It’s been a really good experience. I’ve enjoyed every part of it so far.