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Crossing the Digital Skills Gap: Move your Career into a Different Gear

This can be a strange time for those looking to move their career in a different direction or even into a completely different sector. On the face of it a high unemployment rate suggests there are no opportunities and you are best off staying put and holding on to what you have, even if you do not feel you are fulfilling your potential.

At the same time there is an enormous shortfall in the number of qualified graduates for the tech sector. A recent report by Accenture shows that business leaders are increasingly worried about the affect the skills gap will have on the future of their business. Simply put, the technology sector is crying out for skilled graduates.

The problems is the skills gap. Despite significant investment in education over the past decades there simply aren’t enough candidates to meet the requirements of businesses.

What is Causing the Gap?

One element of the problem is technology itself. It changes so rapidly it is difficult for conventional educational bodies to keep up. The same goes for graduates. Sectors that seemed prosperous when they applied for college are barely recognisable by the time they graduate.

Another aspect is that, while many graduates learn core technical skills, they don’t necessarily have the more fundamental business and project management skills they need to really succeed and adapt in the dynamic environment of the technology sector.

How can we Bridge It?

The Digital Skills Academy seeks to give their graduates not only the core technical competencies that the technology sector requires but also the fundamental business capabilities that allow graduates to be proactive in directing their own career path.

The BSc Degree in Digital Technology, Design and Innovation provides training in developing digital products and services for global markets. This includes everything from digital marketing management to growth hacking to mobile app and website design and games development.

There is also a strong focus on fundamental development skills such as problem solving, Agile and Scrum methodologies, decision making and entrepreneurship. Practical experience working in cross functional teams is also a priority as these are the skills employers look for and entrepreneurs need.

The Digital Skills Academy also has a close working relationship with a number of Industry Partners. These partnerships not only allow students to work on real-world projects and meet industry veterans, it also ensures that the programme is constantly up to date and graduates qualify with the most relevant skills the industry requires.

Technology companies across the world are clamouring to hire skilled, dynamic graduates with a deep understanding not only of technical requirements but also the structural business concepts that allow digital enterprises to prosper.

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