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Five South African Tech Start-ups to Watch in 2015

Five South African Tech Start-ups to Watch in 2015

As Africa’s second largest economy, South Africa is a central part of the continent’s rapid growth and development. A large number of South African entrepreneurs and start-ups are looking to lead that economic dynamism. Here we look at just five of the many businesses emerging Across the nation that look set to make a splash in 2015.


The ingenious people at Paperight have created a system that enables members to print out any book from their collection at any participating business. Any business with a printer, paper and an internet connection can become a Paperight outlet. The customer pays the outlet for the printout, the outlet pays Paperight and, in turn, Paperight gives a share of that profit to the book’s copyright holder.

Apart from the convenience of not having to order the book, wait for it to be delivered or find it in a book shop the system also cuts out distribution and printing costs amongst others. 


This incredibly convenient payment app lets you pay for items through your phone by scanning a store’s QR code. Each business using Snapscan has their own QR code they can provide customers with their bill or at the checkout. Customers simply scan the code, input how much they want to pay and hit the pay button.

Customers save on having to carry cash or even a credit card and vendors save on costly credit card machines.


Qurio is a survey/inquiry system that lets companies get feedback from customers and employees and quickly retrieve detailed analytics data. It can also be used by educational organisations to train employees with quick development of tests. The results are compiled right away, letting teachers see who is doing well and who needs more help.


Wumdrop has positioned itself as a sort of South African Uber for delivery drivers. Customers enter pick-up and delivery addresses on their smartphones and wait for a quote. Once they accept a quote the nearby delivery driver arrives to pick up their package and take it where it needs to go.

For extra assurance, the Wumdrop delivery person will take a photo of your package arriving at its destination.


Peer-to-peer lending is quietly revolutionising the finance world by cutting out large financial institutions from personal lending. Rainfin is looking to bring that revolution to South Africa.

Investors can choose between investing in personal loans and business loans. Borrowers create application profiles, outlining their requirements and how the money will be spent which lenders can view and select from. 

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