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Five Irish Tech Start-ups to Watch out for in 2015

Five Irish Tech Start-ups to Watch out for in 2015

The past decade has seen a lot of ups and downs for Ireland. While the future still seems uncertain in some regards, many are recognising that uncertainty can mean opportunity for innovators.

The number of start-ups in Ireland has grown rapidly and continues to grow. Government and private investment are both contributing greatly to the flourishing of some truly innovative and enterprising new businesses. Here are five to watch in 2015.

Restored Hearing

According to Restored Hearing, some 300 million people around the world suffer from tinnitus. This high pitched ringing can affect people in a number of ways and can have a number of different causes.

Restored Hearing has developed an aural therapy called Sound Relief that customers can access via their website. By streaming certain low frequency sounds the high pitched ringing of tinnitus can be alleviated.


While farmers are not the first people urban techies imagine adopting mobile applications those in the agricultural industry know how important technology is to the cost effectiveness of food production and how useful mobile technology is to a profession that cannot be tied to a wall socket.

Farmflo is an app designed to streamline and simplify record keeping and compliance for farms. By reducing the complexity of the paperwork involved in the traceability process farmers are able to spend more time focusing on core, productive and profitable farm work.


The world of Custom HR Software solutions is already a competitive one. Cloud-based services are just the latest technological leap in a well established and often crowded market. That hasn’t put off Bizimply who have entered the arena with their own offering.

Targeting restaurants and similar sized businesses, Bizimply provides a simple software package that only requires a single tablet device to be set up. Employees input their personal code on the device to clock in and out. The device can take a snapshot to confirm it is the correct employee signing in.

Grid Finance

Around the world, online Peer to Peer (P2P) lending services is cutting out the banking middle men and enabling ordinary people to get low-cost loans and to invest in local businesses.

Ireland still has some legislative catching up to do in the P2P finance field when compared to leaders like Britain but Grid Finance has decided to get out ahead of the competition and set up a network for Irish businesses to raise funding without the banks.


Based out of wild and windy Sligo but operating in medical centres in London and New York, Orreco provides in-depth blood sampling and analysis for professional athletes. By analysing blood markers Orreco can identify potential sources of fatigue or injury for athletes.

The comprehensive testing allows professionals and their trainers to understand changes in performance and evaluate optimal training times. Orreco has already raised €1 million in funding in 2015.

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